What is Supervised Visitation? Is it Right for My Children?

Posted by Rochelle Binns | Feb 21, 2022

In general, California family courts want to encourage children to have a relationship with both their parents to the extent that it can be done safely and is in the best interest of the child/children. That may involve having some protections in place that are written into your custody orders beyond merely indicating who is going to have the children and when.

For example, if you have a concern that your child's other parent is doing illegal drugs or drinking alcohol during their custody time, that may be a reason to ask for their visitation to be supervised by another adult to ensure that they do not do that while with the children. Supervised visitation also might be necessary if there have been allegations of physical or sexual abuse (if the court feels that it is appropriate for that child to see the parent at all under those circumstances). There also might be safety/neglect concerns, such as if one parent suspects that the other will not adequately care for a child while in his or her custody.

Whether there is a supervisor involved is going to be on a case-by-case basis, usually be having one parent request that the other parent's time be supervised. Supervisors should not be requested simply to "spy on" the other parent's custody time or to put up barriers to another parent having a relationship with the children, rather, a supervisor should be requested when there are genuine concerns about leaving a parent alone with their child/children.

Supervised visitation can be done with a professional supervisor who is hired and trained to do exactly this role. They could write up reports or testify in court as to their time spent supervising the parent's custodial time and the things they observed. Professional supervisors tend to cost anywhere from $40-$80 per hour for supervision time, and sometimes more depending on the terms to be followed. A supervisor can also be a non-professional such as a friend or family member who does not get compensated to supervise. This can be a cheaper and more realistic option for parents if there is a third party willing and able to act as a supervisor.

Whether you think a supervisor might be right for your case and want to request that the other party have one, or whether you are looking to oppose a request for you to have a supervisor, the Law Office of Rochelle Binns can help determine your options and how to put your best foot forward to get what you want. Message us now to set up your free telephone consultation!

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